Monfalcone’s finished products warehouse

At Monfalcone plant there are two automated warehouses with a storage capacity of 45,000 metallic bins connected to each single departments through a system of robot on rails that automatically transfer the semi-finished products where required.


Reggio Emilia’s finished products warehouse

The automated warehouse in Reggio Emilia is a fundamental logistic tool to achieve one of the goals that the Group has always set for itself: grant the final customer to be able to have a direct access to the manufacturer competitiveness even on small and high amount of different part numbers. From Producer to Consumer!


Turin’s finished warehouse

Turin warehouse is specialized to supply the automotive sector and tier customers.
In Turin plant there are semi-automated systems for goods preparation and for re-packaging according to customer specifications.


Fasteners Warehouse – Brescia (VGV)

In 2018, Vescovini Group acquires VGV, a fasteners distributor that supplies only the automotive sector and tier customers.
VGV is equipped with the state-of-the-art laboratories for supply monitoring and is well-known to all OEM customers such as Fiat, CNH, Graziano Trasmissioni, Ducati, Argo tractors, Dana and Ferrari for its professionalism, product and service quality.
With VGV, Vescovini Group is able to supply to the customers that have this necessity the entire range of fasteners they would need, thus reducing the number of the suppliers.
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